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The Academy for Baseball and Softball Excellence (ABSE) is committed to teaching players the skills and confidence needed on the field, in the classroom and in life. We do this through organizing year-round travel and rec teams in both baseball and softball, hosting the areas only after-school academy focused on baseball and softball, and conducting daily trainings at our indoor and outfield training facilities in Laurel, MD. Heavy emphasis is placed on helping players grow into emotionally and physically healthy teens and adults.
The Academy: About

We utilize baseball and softball to cultivate cultural and community exchange around notions of fitness, character development, academic success and youth empowerment and embrace the belief that softball and baseball can instill principals of self-worth and confidence.

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Ages 7-15

The after-school academy features homework-help and free transportation from school while offering baseball and softball skill development from 4pm until 6pm with no penalties for late pick-up until 6:30pm.

  • Indoor and outdoor instruction

  • State of the art technology and pitching machines

  • Experienced Coaches, tutors and instructors

  • Free transportation from school 

Call 410-705-5114


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Teams at the Academy for Baseball and Softball Excellence play in 6-12 tournaments per year and practice 2-3 days per week having access to the clubs numerous outdoor fields, indoor batting cages, in-house pitching instructors, slow-motion hitting technology, and various equipment. 

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There are tremendous opportunities to earn college scholarships in baseball and softball. We provide youth with numerous resources to help facilitate the college recruitment process including:

  • College showcase tournaments

  • Video Resumes

  • Skill videos

Players also have opportunities to participate in local college partnerships and college showcases.

The Academy: Welcome

Winter Indoor Training runs from early December through late March, during which players receive more than 40 hours of practice time, plus including individualized training.

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